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Wheel Tips, Car Tricks and Classic Car Picks

Welcome the blog of! Read articles and posts about car care tips, wheel information, how-to guides and car features such as #ClassicCarFriday.

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Pothole Season

In this blog we'll discuss what a pothole is, how it's formed and what you should do if you hit one.

Published on 04/05/17 Read Article
Current Top 5 Sellers

Curious to know what the current top 5 selling Factory Original Equipment wheels today are. View our latest blog of current top selling OEM Wheels.

Published on 03/20/17 Read Article
Jeep Wrangler: OEM Wheels Spotlight

How has the Jeep transformed over the years? OEM Wheels takes you on a walk (or in this case a ride) through history in our Jeep Wrangler Spotlight.

Published on 01/18/17 Read Article
5 Reasons Not to Buy Rims On Auction Sites

Auction sites sometimes offer tempting deals on wheels and rims. But you have to be careful, you don't know what those rims are made of. Learn more.

Published on 01/09/17 Read Article
I Bought My Wheels Now What?

Advice & Options on what to do after you buy a new wheel & need to replace your old one. Why you should take it to a shop instead of installing it yourself.

Published on 11/30/16 Read Article
Winter Hacks for Protecting Your Wheels & Rims

Tips to keeping the wheels on your vehicle in pristine shape during the winter months. Solutions to avoiding rim corrosion from road salt & grit.

Published on 10/14/16 Read Article
Dangers of Fall Driving and How to Avoid Accidents

Are you ready for the Fall weather and the dangers it brings to the road? Read our post about Fall driving safety to find out!

Published on 09/20/16 Read Article
5 Things to Check Before Your Next Road Trip

Road trips can be a great weekend getaway - but are you properly prepared? Read our tips to find out!

Published on 09/07/16 Read Article
How to Buy an OEM Wheel – For Women, By Women

Many men and women alike don't know how where to begin to replace a damaged wheel. Here's what you need to know before buying a new wheel or hubcap.

Published on 08/27/16 Read Article
Toyota Corolla: OEM Wheels Spotlight

Learn about the history of the Toyota Corolla with our OEM Wheels Spotlight on the famous Japanese car!

Published on 08/14/16 Read Article
Ford F-150 OEM Wheels Spotlight

Learn more about the Ford F-150 and where to purchase replacement wheels for your beloved Ford truck.

Published on 07/16/16 Read Article
Honda Rims Spotlight

Our Honda rims spotlight discusses our inventory of Honda rims and other OEM Honda wheel products

Published on 06/19/16 Read Article
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