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Our OEM wheels are sold in 3 categories,” New”, Reconditioned to new (“Recon”) and “Used”. Our used inventory is classified into 2 groups “Grade A” condition and “Grade B” condition.

“New” = brand new OEM wheel which has never had a tire mounted on it.

There is a common misconception that only a new car dealership carries OEM parts. Though they would like you to believe that, it is not the case. Most parts you get from a dealership you can also get elsewhere for less money and they are made by the same manufacturer.

“Recon” = a used OEM wheel that has been reconditioned back to new OEM specification. Learn more about reconditioned OEM wheels and their cost-savings value.

“Grade A, used” = is an OEM wheel that has been on a car and is slightly used containing very minor cosmetic imperfections. This is a fantastic cost saving option we recommend taking advantage of if available.

“Grade B, used” = is an OEM wheel that has been on a car and is slightly used containing 4-5 nicks or scratches. Again, this is a fantastic cost saving option and in most cases will look better that the other wheels currently on your vehicle. This product is highly recommended if value is what you’re after.

OEM (Factory) vs. Replica wheels:

You may have seen other on-line companies offering seemingly unbelievable prices on what they call "oem style", "replica" or "reproduction" wheels. They even go as far, as to claim that these wheels are made to OEM specifications and at an OEM manufacturing plant. Below is a brief summary of the differences between OEM and replica (reproductions) so you can make your buying decision with confidence. By the way, for those of you who wonder what OEM stands for - it means original equipment manufacturer, which is a company that makes parts for the car manufacturer.

When a factory wheel is made, the primary goals the wheel manufacturer has are as follows:

  1. durability from road hazards (potholes, etc.).
  2. Durability from road salts, car wash acids, chemicals, etc.
  3. Durability in order to minimize warranty claims and/or recalls.
  4. Ability to properly support the weight of the vehicle and its passengers + cargo with a huge safety margin.
  5. Proper fitment to ensure vehicles suspension and brake systems operate as designed and without vibrations.

They go through millions miles of testing as well as millions of dollars in research and development, in order to make sure that the wheel will withstand the rigors of everyday driving and harsh road / weather conditions.

In comparison, when a replica wheel is made it is done to:

  1. ensure the lowest manufacturing cost possible (using cheapest manufacturing methods and materials available).
  2. fit a wide variety of models they were not originally designed for (by changing offsets, wheel widths, etc.).

Most of these wheels do not go through any sort of research and development, simply to minimize manufacturing cost, and also because the manufacturer simply does not have the money to perform such research.

For many reasons original factory wheels are more durable, stronger and perform better on your car. Please keep all these things in mind when making your purchasing decision.

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